A Rising tide lifts all boats

A rising tide lifts all boats; just like a strong economy benefits businesses and individuals at all levels.
When we grow together, everyone thrives.

Our community is based on relationships - strong relationships built on mutual trust and respect. The Moxey referral program is designed so that you can add value to your relationships.

When you introduce us to business owners you know and they join Moxey - our community of influencers will promote their business and start sending them more customers.  

As each business begins to get new customers from the Moxey network, they’ll pay a commission to support the growth of the network. And we’ll share the revenue and the profit with you.


That just seems fair.

Everyone succeeds.


Share the Love

​Introduce businesses owners to Moxey at your own pace, whether you just want to share your unique referral link or host a small event - we will provide you everything you need to be successful.

Follow Us on Social Media

Learn about all of the local business owners in the Moxey community and tell others about them.

Shout it From the Rooftop

Post how much you like shopping local. Share your experiences at the local businesses that you love. Refer business to Moxey members and everyone wins!

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New Customers

Every business could use more customers! Moxey delivers a continuous stream of new customers who are ready to do business with you now.  They are business owners, like you, committed to keeping business local.

Better Cash Flow

Moxey shows business owners multiple ways to keep cash in their business by converting existing cash expenses to Moxey expenses. Over time this compounds to a significant amount of real savings.


Dynamic Community 

Moxey is committed to community and helping our members build lasting business relationships.  We have regular networking events and seminars that help business owners build lasting partnerships and grow their business.

Employee Incentives

Our employee incentive program allows business owners the unique ability to offer their team members valuable benefits without a direct cash cost. Benefits include bonuses, gift cards for special reward dinners, trips, dental and vision services and so much more.

Working Capital

Interest free and fast. Business owners can get the funds they need to grow their business now and pay it back from new, and loyal customers sent by Moxey.




No start up costs

Personal landing page

Access to support tools

Earn commission on sales

I have used Moxey as a part of my business for many years.  Moxey has a strong network of businesses that offer great service and value to me and my company.  The Moxey team helped me save cash and increased my revenue so it's great to be able to share Moxey with fellow business owners. The referral program is easy, painless and allows me to say, 'I have a person' when asked about resources to help my fellow business owners thrive. I know Moxey will provide the same professional and responsive service to my contacts that I have experienced myself. I would definitely recommend Moxey to everyone who owns their own business.

Roger Villere

Villere's Florist


What is Moxey?

Moxey helps business owners get new customers and better cash flow.  Moxey is a network of business owners of community currency to help them thrive.

Where is Moxey?

Today, Moxey is Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama & Tennessee. But we are rapidly expanding, so lets us know if there is a community you would like to help bring Moxey to!

What is a Moxey Ambassador?

Ambassadors are the heart and soul of the Moxey referral program. It is diverse group of individuals and often, they are influencers who shape the lives of those around them.

Is there a cost to join the program?

There is no charge to join our referral program.

Is there a limit to the rewards that I can earn?

There is no limit to rewards you can earn. As an Ambassador you will be compensated for telling small business owners about the value of the Moxey network and for helping those business owners to become valuable community members.

How do I track my referrals?

You will be provided a unique referral URL and businesses you refer will list you on their enrollment application.

How do I signup to be a Moxey Ambassador?

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