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Get new customers

Save your cash

Grow your business

More than 3,000 businesses use Moxey.

When you become a member, those businesses (plus their owners and employees) will become your new customers.

Moxey enabled me to update and remodel my office. At first, I was apprehensive because I didn’t understand, but once I got involved I wanted to kick myself for not joining earlier. It’s super easy and has been very beneficial for me as a business owner.

Dr. Jeff Dibenedetto Avatar
Dr. Jeff Dibenedetto O’Neal Eye Care

When we joined our business picked up immediately. And using Moxey I’ve actually bought two vehicles.

Buddy Degeneres Avatar
Buddy Degeneres Monogramming Unlimited

You really have to change your mindset and think of using an alternative form of payment because it helps your cashflow. Moxey gives you instant credit and an instant community that you can do business with. Then it brings you business that you don’t have to spend any advertising money for - and that’s unheard of.

Greg Martin Avatar
Greg Martin The UPS Store


Testimonial Compilation

Testimonial Compilation

Playhouse On The Square

Playhouse On The Square

Join Moxey - Huey P's

Join Moxey - Huey P's

Stop losing money.

Convert your spare capacity into growth.

Moxey empowers you to convert your unused products or services into instant value. Turn empty restaurant tables into a vacation, or unsold inventory into a new transmission for your car. It's modern-day business magic.

Key Benefits of Moxey

New customers

Moxey delivers a steady stream of new customers who are ready to do business with you right now.

Interest-free working capital

Every member gets an interest-free line of credit. Start making purchases and saving money today. Even before you make your first sale.

Improved cash flow

Immediately improve your cash flow by converting some of your existing expenses to the Moxey network.

Employee incentives

Employees love using Moxey for dental, vision, auto repair, travel, dining, and more.

Easy & Fun To Use

Making a purchase or sale is as easy as using a credit card, Venmo, or PayPal. You can use our app or physical cards, whichever you'd prefer.

Sales between members rely on an internal credit system instead of traditional money.

You pay the same price for anything you buy in the network, but instead of relying on your credit card or writing a check, you just use Moxey. Using independent credit instead of cash creates a new dynamic.

Members buy things they otherwise would not.

Members sell things they otherwise could not.

Moxey Accounting 101

Products & services are always sold at the same price regardless of currency used.

IRS Approved

Moxey is taxed the same as USD.

Direct Trades are never required.

Members rarely buy from the same people they sell to.

Buy Now & Pay Later.

Dynamically managed lines of credit allow members to buy something today, but not pay until months later.

Every member gets an interest-free line of credit that can be used anywhere in the network.

Most businesses enjoy a 3,000 to 30,000 line of credit, but there is no upper limit.

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Trusted by over 3,000 companies

Questions & Answers

Why would I want to do this?

You’ll grow your company. Using Moxey attracts new customers and improves your cash flow. Business is a team sport. Stop trying to do it on your own.


What is one Moxey worth?

One Moxey is equal to one US dollar. The price you pay in Moxey is the same price you pay if you used any other form of payment. This is a key part of keeping the system fair, simple and fun to use.


Wouldn’t it be better to have cash paying customers?

It’s best to have both. Moxey is ideal when you’re selling excess capacity and spare inventory.

We want to add to your current sales – not replace your existing cash paying customers. Moxey paying customers are much better than missing out on a sale.

But there are indirect benefits too: When you provide great customer service and quality products, Moxey paying customers will brag about you to their friends and neighbors who aren’t in the network - and their friends and neighbors will become new cash-paying customers for you.


What about taxes?

The IRS has regulated non-cash transactions based on barter the same since the 1980’s. The key requirement is to treat Moxey revenue and expenses the same way you treat cash revenue and expenses. You’ll get a 1099-B at the end of the year (the b stands for barter and broker). *Legal disclaimer: This is not tax advice, check with your advisor for specific guidance.


Is this legal?

Absolutely. It’s one of the best-kept business secrets in the country.


How do I get my first Moxey?

When you join your starting balance will be 0. When you make a sale, you can use the Moxey you earn to make a purchase from anyone else in the network. Even better, before your first sale you can make a purchase based upon your FUTURE SALES. That's the power of Moxey.


I don’t own a company. Can I still participate?

Individuals can earn Moxey by identifying the best local companies and telling them about Moxey. Every time you refer a new member, you’ll get a Moxey bonus when they join. If you’re a Small Business Champion, simply fill out a regular application, and put Champion when it asks for your industry.


How much does it cost?

Members pay a 10% commission for new sales generated by the network. To make it easy, you don’t pay the fee until you make a purchase. The 10% fee is paid in US Dollars and due at the same time you make your purchase. The payments are easy and can be automated for your convenience. 


What are the most common products and services in the network?

The Moxey network is as diverse as main street – from painters and plumbers, to plastic surgeons and printers. Here are the most common businesses:

Alarms & Security Services
Answering Services
Automotive Maintenance or Repair
Business Phone Systems
Dry Cleaning
Eye Doctor
Fitness Center
Heating & Air
Information Technology
Party Rentals
Pest Control
Physical Therapy
Plastic Surgery
Promotional Products
Salon or Barber
Social Media
Spa Services
Travel & Accommodations
Web design


Does this work for every type of company?

Most, but not all. Moxey is not yet a good fit for financial services, insurance companies, banks, mortgage lenders, or other businesses with high costs of goods sold. If you work for a sector this isn’t a good fit, but want to support small business owners, you can become a Small Business Champions. Fill out the standard application and put Champion as your industry.



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