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We believe the future of Greater Birmingham is in the leaders who risk it all to make their dreams come true. We believe that the heroes of our community are the local business owners, mom and pop stores, entrepreneurs, momtrepreneurs, and lemonade stands. We believe in you and your dreams. Talk to us about how we can help you leverage what you have for something bigger.

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What Nate has created here is nothing less than spectacular. The community continues to grow with more and more businesses to trade with. This has become my GO TO spot anytime I need to spend money to see if we have someone in the exchange that has what I am looking for. I have heard stories about other trade companies that were not very favorable but believe me that is not the case here. So glad I joined and looking forward to watching this group grow.

Johnny Carcioppolo Avatar
Johnny Carcioppolo Team Insight Plus

Trading was new to me.  I was hesitant at first.  It was tough to imagine that I could get something that I really needed without spending cash.  But after that first major transaction which kept me from writing a huge check, I was a believer!  Whether one is buying or selling through trade, Moxey Bham is a huge plus for small business owners.

Dr. Drayton Smith, DMD Avatar
Dr. Drayton Smith, DMD Southern Dental Birmingham

For me being in Moxey as a restaurant, everybody eats, so I've always got lots of trade coming in.  In other groups, I've had issues being able to spend my trade.  I've not had that problem at all with Moxey Bham.  This is actually the first time I've sought to get more that I have Moxey dollars to spend with the group.  It's a good group of businesses!  This my 5th trade group ~ It's the only one I like!

David Horn Avatar
David Horn The Ridge Eat & Drink

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Drayton Smith, DMD

Drayton Smith, DMD

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