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We believe the future of the MS Gulf Coast is in the leaders who risk it all to make their dreams come true. We believe that the heroes of our community are the local business owners, mom and pop stores, entrepreneurs, momtrepreneurs, and lemonade stands. We believe in you and your dreams. Talk to us about how we can help you leverage what you have for something bigger.

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Moxey has had a huge impact on my business' growth and development. I've been able to renovate and expand my business, which helped me save a lot of cash in the process. I'd highly recommend any local business to be a Moxey member. You won't regret it.

Erick Martin Avatar
Erick Martin Echo Tango

I have used Moxey as a part of my business for many years.  Moxey has a strong network of businesses that offer great service and value to me and my company.  The Moxey team helped me save cash and increased my revenue so it's great to be able to share Moxey with fellow business owners. The referral program is easy, painless and allows me to say, 'I have a person' when asked about resources to help my fellow business owners thrive. I know Moxey will provide the same professional and responsive service to my contacts that I have experienced myself. I would definitely recommend Moxey to everyone who owns their own business.

Roger Villerie Avatar
Roger Villerie Villerie's Florist

In our business, we take every opportunity to use Moxey over cash. When we purchased a new office for our Baton Rouge location, we hired everyone from electricians and plumbers to painters and landscapers. For our entire renovation, we used over 25 different vendors and spent over $35K in Moxey!

Bart & Tracey Zimmerman Avatar
Bart & Tracey Zimmerman American Printing

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