Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser Presents Moxey a Proclamation from Louisiana

Apr 26, 2021 by Aimee Supp

Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser Presents Moxey a Proclamation from Louisiana
Louisiana’s Lieutenant Governor personally presented a proclamation to Moxey’s executive leadership team today.
Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser formally thanked Moxey for “innovative contributions to economic development” and applauded the incredible success over the previous decade. On hand to accept the proclamation was CEO Charlie Davis, Executive Vice President Chip Davis, Vice President of Operations Warren Sager and Vice President of Marketing and Sales Aimee Supp.
More than 3,500 business owners across Louisiana are members of a Moxey community and touch nearly every major city in the state. 
LA Lt. Governor Proclamation - Moxey
Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 82,644 small businesses employing 917,466 people operated in the state, according the Small Business Administration (SBA), comprising over half of the state’s total workforce, and were key drivers of the Louisiana economy
According to the SBA,  Louisiana small businesses are critical drivers of economic growth and mobility – creating jobs, building wealth, innovating to solve global problems, and enlivening main streets across our neighborhoods. Many small businesses have faced financial hardship due to the pandemic – contending with closures, decreased revenues, and difficulty accessing capital. Yet we continue to hear inspirational stories of businesses fighting to survive and thrive once again. 

Moxey’s commitment continues to help small businesses adapt to the new marketplace, developing creative ways to connect with customers and repurposing to serve their communities with innovations that meet the moment and giving them access to interest free capital. Moxey remains committed to helping all of our diverse small businesses become more resilient and to better thrive. 

“We celebrate the determined spirit, ability to adapt, and resilience of small businesses as they work towards creating safe environments for their customers and workforce”, says Chip Davis, Moxey’s Executive Vice President. “Moxey has sought to provide leadership and innovation in helping our state respond to and recover from COVID-19 and stay competitive in the nationwide marketplace. Above all, we commit to ensuring that the American Dream remains accessible to all.” 


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