Who are we and what do we do?

Moxey is more than money. Our mission is to help local small business owners thrive in business and life. When Moxey members do business with each other, they build closer ties making all of our communities stronger. 


Moxey is the latest evolution of a business-to-business network that started 18 years ago and has grown to 14 communities across 5 states. Last year, nearly 4,000 members conducted over 100,000 transactions and created over 20 million in new revenue for themselves. They buy and sell needed products and services while conserving cash to pay other bills, and taxes.


Business relationships are formed between Moxey community members; members that trust each other to provide the highest quality of products and services. Frequent social engagements and networking events are also conducted to help foster these relationships and build better business practices.


The Moxey team currently consists of approximately 30 professionals with a combined 350 year history in our industry.


Moxey is a community of small business owners that are committed to keeping their business truly local by doing business with each other. We use Moxey to transact. This allows our members to do business together, purchase the things they need with Moxey and save their cash. Through the Moxey currency and easy to use payment platform, a community of trusted businesses has been created who benefit from accessing our unique and powerful medium of exchange. 

Our team actively finds new and recurring customers for you.

14 Moxey communities and growing.


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