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Web3's On-Ramp: a digital currency as easy to use as a credit card

Bitcoin, the planet's first successful cryptocurrency, forever changed the way we view digital currencies and unleashed a powerful new technology - the blockchain. Yet 12 years later and despite thousands of cryptocurrencies that are now in existence, almost no one uses any of them to make regular purchases. Bitcoin has become digital gold, not digital money. Users are incentivized to hold BTC, ETH, SOL and other tokens - not to spend them.

While some Web3 projects show great potential, most have become a speculation sport, and none have become the originally intended currency alternative. This is about to change.

Moxey’s Web3 solution solves a major hurdle for digital currencies - Real World Usage. Real people buying and selling real products and services in the real world.

Moxey has successfully conducted more than 200 million dollars in transactions for thousands of US based businesses. Today, we’re thrilled to announce Moxey’s expansion and Web3 road map. 

What Is Moxey

Moxey is a digital currency that facilitates the exchange of goods and services between businesses. It acts as an alternate interest-free line of credit that businesses use in place of cash, allowing businesses to purchase supplies and services without spending cash. The network is a closed ecosystem, compelling Moxey-holders to engage other businesses within the Moxey network, driving income into local businesses and allowing members to monetize their spare capacity, turning lost goods and services into revenue. Moxey is used by over 4,000 businesses across 16 different cities and over the last 10 years has processed more than $200 Million in transactions.

In Moxey’s ongoing mission to do more for members and our shareholders, Moxey is shifting into Web3, moving our network onto the blockchain, and issuing governance tokens. This exciting change will allow others to use Moxey in Web3 projects, allow new particpants to invest in the network, and take Moxey to the next level.

Moxey and Web3

With 19,500+ cryptocurrencies, why another? Because Moxey’s proven model drives usage, stability, and equitable growth. And as our network scales and earns more fees, future profits will naturally accrue to shareholders and investors.

Moxey isn’t new and has a long history of growth with thousands of users. After managing more than 200 million in transactions and tracking currency changes across 10 distinct communities, we know how to build a system that will keep the Moxey dollar provably reliable.

Our new methodology, Proof-of-Value and Dynamic Reserves, can leverage blockchain technology to 1) provide trustless verification that Moxey dollars are maintaining their soft peg to USD, 2) move commissions to the Moxey Governance Token holders and other investors, and 3) provide a fair and balanced solution for future on-chain governance.


What something costs in US dollars, it costs in Moxey Dollars. We use a soft peg and manage the value by ensuring that Moxey Dollars are backed by the goods and services of the businesses in the network.

Moxey is the most unique digital currency on the planet. Two core innovations make our success possible: Dynamic Reserve Banking and the Proof-of-Value protocol.

Moxey was specifically designed to help local economies grow. It accomplishes that goal by helping small businesses get new customers, better access to capital, and by providing the cashflow they need to pay their employees more.

Moxey is a digital currency that you earn and use. It's for real world purchases, not for digital speculation.

Volatility and deflationary pressures keep most crypto projects from being used as a form of payment or medium of exchange. If bitcoins value doubles tomorrow, why spend today? This mindset causes most bitcoin to be held, not spent, keeping users and investors from using it as alternate currency. Moxey’s stability encourages users to spend it with the same confidence they would spend a dollar, keeping the economy growing and stable. 

Moxey is the solution. Hold your bitcoin and spend your Moxey.

As Moxey grows, its stablecoin could be used in any Web3 development. Imagine a game developer incorporating Moxey as an in-game currency and players being able to take that currency and buy a burger from a local restaurant, or an arcade owner using Moxey instead of tickets and the Moxey winnings being spent on prizes or a haircut down the road. Moxey’s existing real-world utility makes the Moxey stablecoin more useful than others.

Blockchain Structure

Moxey is building a Layer 2+ solution - meaning that a Moxey Governance Token will sit on top of a core chain (it will earn fees and allow users to help manage the monetary policy and the economy) and the Moxey Dollars will sit on top of the governance tokens. We'll use a rollup strategy, likely ZK or similar, to show the strength and velocity of the moxey dollar, while simultaneously 1) lowering fees (gas) and 2) keeping the user's transaction history and account balances private.

The rollup methodology means that key summary data will be published to prove the validity of the transactions and not each transaction as it occurs.

It's often helpful to think of Moxey Dollars as a Credit Layer or Transaction Layer. For example, users could hold bitcoin forever while still spending their Moxey.

This rollup strategy also keeps fees low and is incredibly environmentaly friendly. The graphic to the right is an example of what it could look like on bitcoin, but we're considering other base layers such as ethereum and solana.


Governance is key to Moxey's long-term success. We envision a model that involves all stakeholders: users, token holders and equity investors.

Most blockchains function like a direct democracy, but Moxey will function more like a republic. Web3 opens up the possibility for us to scale with transparency and accountability. As we grow, both token holders and users will gain the ability to vote on changes to the monetary policy.

Why Moxey

No other digital currency has Moxey's breadth of experience - 200 million dollars' worth of real-world transactions, immediate real-world utility, perfect mix of transparency and anonymity, and a governance strategy that will excel in a Web3 world. Moxey not only helps existing businesses turn lost goods and services into revenue but creates the perfect solution for new businesses that want to tap into a strong economy.

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