New customers! Cut cash expenses! Happier employees! That's just three of the reasons you'll want to learn more about Moxey.


Moxey is a B2B trading network which has already processed over $100 million in transactions for businesses like yours!


When you join Moxey, we will listen to your needs and walk you through how we can best help you bring in new business and spend Moxey instead of cash for many of your business needs.

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"In our business, we take every opportunity to use Moxey over cash.  Recently we purchased a new office for our Baton Rouge location. We hired everyone from electricians and plumbers to painters and landscapers. For our entire renovation, we used over 25 different vendors and spent over $35K in Moxey!" 

Bart & Tracey Zimmerman

American Printing

"Moxey has had a huge impact on my business' growth and development.  I've been able to renovate and expand my business, which helped me save a lot of cash in the process. I'd highly recommend any local business to be a Moxey member. You won't regret it."

Zane Bell

Tint Masters

"I have made purchases with Moxey for fifteen years and the difference is in the high degree of accountability and the highest quality group of members."

Evan Pyle

Expert Window Cleaning

Who we are.

Belonging to Moxey is much more than transactional. You will love the relationships you develop within your new Moxey community and the ease of doing business with those you trust.

Want to learn more? Give us your email and we'll get things started.

A Moxey representative will contact you, answer any questions you have, and start the simple enrollment process. A few days later, you will have everything you need to start accepting and spending Moxey. This will include:


  • A Moxey card for you and/or those in your business or family you wish to have spending privileges.

  • Installing the Moxey Mobile App.

  • Login access to our online POS platform.

  • Access to our directory of available Moxey members.

We’ll quickly evaluate your business and give you an appropriately sized line of credit. Did we mention that it is INTEREST FREE? That’s right, you work hard to grow your business and we don’t charge an interest rate to members when they access their Moxey line of credit. We will also plan a time to visit and provide custom recommendations of places to spend your Moxey so that you can start saving cash immediately!

Plan to engage with the Moxey community through our social and networking events. You'll love the new business and personal relationships Moxey will bring.

I'm ready for Moxey.
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