How does Moxey bring you new customers?

It's simple. People naturally want to save their hard earned cash. When given the choice of spending cash or Moxey directly earned from new customers, they choose Moxey every time. First, they change their buying habits and switch to Moxey members who provide the same or similar goods and services in order to save cash. Second, as Moxey continues to provide new customers, the business becomes more profitable and now has more Moxey to spend on new products and services. And the best part? The cycle of growth continues to repeat itself to the benefit of all members.

A tale of new customers, all because of Moxey.

Dr. Jane Wolfe, a veterinarian with a great neighborhood practice has a BIG issue right now! The drains in her practice have become clogged with pet hair and now the toilets are backing up.  Where she would normally search the internet for a local plumber, because she recently joined the local Moxey community, she decides to lookup a plumber in the Moxey Mobile App (or website). She finds Joe's Plumbing and calls. Joe is professional,  responds quickly, cleans out the hairy pipes, and charges a very reasonable price. Using that same app, Dr. Wolfe pays Joe's Plumbing using Moxey. Tonight when Joe is looking for a nice  restaurant to take his family to, he selects one of the many he finds in the directory available on Moxey, and enjoys a great meal at Bubba Baudoin's BBQ. When Bubba needs new menus... Mike with All-Star Printing in the Moxey network. When Mike needs braces for his daughter's slight overbite, Dr. Dan Hebert, an orthodontist. And, when Dan's labrador retriever needs its annual shots before hunting season begins, he switches his business to our veterinarian, Dr. Jane Wolfe. All these businesses have gained new customers, often going a bit further out of their way, because they take Moxey and their competitors don't. 

Wouldn't you also choose Moxey?

You're out on the town and have the choice of either the Italian restaurant on the right side of the road or the one on the left. Both look great, but you know the one on the right accepts Moxey and the one on the left doesn't. You still have bills to pay this month and your cash is tight, but you also have Moxey dollars in your account from a new customer. Are you turning left or right? I bet you answered "right". You just made a buying decision based primarily upon the form of currency you preferred to spend. The Italian restaurant on the right got a new customer and you found a great new restaurant with the best chicken parmesan you have ever tasted. And saved your cash for other expenses.


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