Membership Application

As a Member of a Moxey community, Member agrees to:

  1. Be Awesome. Treat Moxey members the same as you would want to be treated.

  2. Check Prices. Price competitively and purchase wisely. Sell at your everyday prices.

  3. Maximize your Moxey. We are a community of members who spend Moxey dollars on all transactions instead of cash.

  4. Do It Right. Make the most of your membership by knowing and following the Moxey Terms & Conditions.

  5. Be Responsible. Review your statement and check your balances regularly.

Submit application and proceed to payment.

Three easy steps to joining Moxey!

Step 1: Complete and submit this application with payment. A representative will be back to you shortly.

Step 2: Upon approval, we will contact you to setup a time to meet with you in person.

Step 3: We will meet with you to provide you with information and materials you will need to start buying and selling with Moxey!


After these three steps, we will begin announcing and promoting you within the Moxey community.