The largest companies in the world leverage their size and buying power to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. 


We’ve been searching for additional ways to help our members leverage their growing buying power as an an optional association to your membership with your local Moxey Community.


We have conducted market research of the top needs of small and medium business owners, are actively seeking solutions, and will roll these out as the partnerships are secured. 


You are encouraged to see what services may benefit you first and then decide if joining the MBA makes sense for you and your business. Although there is a small annual administrative cost, payable in Moxey, to joining the MBA, the cost savings in the benefits and services provided can be quite substantial.


When Moxey was looking to launch our new Moxey Business Association (MBA) to give members benefits that are usually available only to large companies I wanted to be the first one to try it out and see if the value was as great as they explained the program to be. 


I was blown away by the results, the MBA program is going to save my family a lot of money.  As a small business owner I didn't qualify for a large group health plan or any subsidies in the health insurance marketplace.  I was paying $1200 a month for an individual high deductible health insurance plan with no prescriptions. 


When I reached out to the Xperience team to find out what they could offer I was surprised to find out I could get a better policy with lower deductibles, small copay for prescriptions, a better network of providers, and I saved almost $500 a month in premiums!!!  It is rare to be able to upgrade to something better and pay less for it. 


I know the MBA program has a lot of other great benefits that I will look in the future but right now the health insurance benefits are a huge win for me.  I am so excited that Moxey is able to offer another huge benefit to its members. You should give Xperience a call to see what they might be able to do to help your company, family, and your employees.  

Warren Sager

VP of Operations - Moxey

  • Major Medical

  • Medical Cost Sharing

  • HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement)

  • FSA (Flexible Spending Account)

  • Cobra Administration

  • Dental & Vision

  • Life Insurance

  • Supplemental Insurance

  • Retirement Plans & Administration

  • 401k, Simple IRAs (when requested)

  • HR Advice & Services

  • Employee Onboarding

  • PEO services (when requested)

  • Payroll Integration (with certain providers)

  • ID Theft Protection

  • Legal Services



our benefits partner

Access to employee benefits such as healthcare for business owners, their families, and key employees can be costly, but with the MBA Program and our collective buying power, you can see dramatic savings. You may find that you now have access to benefits that were financially out of reach before. 

The first partnership that we are introducing to launch and manage the benefits portion of the program is through Xperience Benefits .

Xperience is a dynamic company that is excellent at what they do and deeply committed to the same core values that drive Moxey. 


GET A QUOTE - The biggest savings and value can be see with the healthcare offerings. Moxey Xperience Consultant can walk you through these and the other available options as they learn more about your business.  You are under no obligation to join or purchase with this consultation - simply reach out to see what is possible for you, your company, and your family.

JOIN THE MBA Once you have decided to move forward with any of the services that Xperience offers, your MBA dues will be charged to your Moxey account beginning on the first of the following month.

MOXEY ASSOCIATION DUES                        participating employees             

  • M$25/month (paid M$300 annually)                         1 - 3 participating employees
  • M$50/month (paid M$600 annually)                         4 - 10 participating employees
  • M$100/month (paid M$1,200 annually)                    11 or more participating employees

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