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Moxey Licensee - SE United States

We are currently looking to open Moxey communities in the following states  Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

Moxey is where innovative FinTech and social good meet.  Are you fulfilled helping local businesses be successful and would like to earn by connecting them with new clients?  Interested in being at the beginning of a proven concept that is ready to scale nationwide?  If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you. 

About Us
It can be rough out there for small business owners. In a game rigged to benefit large corporations and massive financial interests, the backbone of the American economy is often left behind. Most small businesses face two major obstacles: getting access to credit, and finding new customers.

Moxey is a network that helps small businesses support other small businesses while growing their revenues. Using our proprietary FinTech platform and a modern twist on the barter system, we provide business owners with access to much-needed credit and a new community of incentivized customers.

Moxey isn’t just a concept. We’ve proven our platform through the $175M in sales facilitated through our network. To date, we’re partnered with 4,000 small businesses, and we’re available in 16 cities across 4 states. A growing number of business owners benefit immensely from our system, and we’re confident that we can continue on this track to put Moxey in every city, worldwide.

Why Is Moxey A Tool That Every Business Owner Should Have In Their Toolbox?
Our unique system, supported by our proprietary fintech, has built its model with a proven track record over the past 20 years in 16 cities. The leaders of our current communities are able to offer our clients value through the different phases that a local business goes through.
When the economy is strong, there is fierce competition in most business sectors. Moxey helps our clients capture market share that they may not have had access to. When we are in an economic downturn, Moxey offers a way for our clients to retain customers even if cash flow is tight.  During any economy, Moxey gives our leaders the ability to offer interest free lines of credit to help them get what they need without spending cash, conserving their precious cash-flow.
There are no meetings the clients need to attend, no limits on how many businesses that can become your clients, no requirements for your clients to recruit business in order to stay a client.  All Moxey clients need to focus on is their business and customers because our Moxey leaders are sending them new customers through our proven business model.

How a Moxey Leader Makes Money
Moxey leaders make money by creating an ecosystem of commerce within their community.  By maximizing the number of clients within each business category and connecting businesses to do business with one another using our system and community currency - Moxey Dollars. In addition to growing the community of business owners, they are constantly finding what the business owners need and referring that business to other members within the Moxey community.

Through education and creating good habits, our system begins to work on it’s own and the business owners start to search the Moxey directory before they even google what they are looking for because these businesses take Moxey dollars as a form of payment, thus getting them what they need without paying cash.

Business owners love spending Moxey dollars because they get what they need without spending cash.  They drive past competitors to do business with other business owners within the Moxey community because they accept Moxey as a form of payment.  You make money every time one of your clients does business with another Moxey client.  

There is no need for heavy brokering of business. Over time, as everyone becomes accustomed to thinking where they can spend their Moxey dollars first, a flywheel effect begins and you have a constant stream of income, while your clients enjoy the benefits of doing business through Moxey.

You will receive compensation as a percentage of the Gross Margin that is earned by Moxey as a component of every Moxey transaction between it's members. 

Ideal Candidate
Are you a connector? Are you a respected business leader in your community? Do you have a desire to help business owners grow their businesses and thrive?

This opportunity is a good fit for business people who are committed to making a difference for local businesses using their sales and marketing skills in a very rewarding environment.

Our company provides resources for its members with a guarantee to deliver three things most important to businesses; New Customers; Better Cash Flow; Happier Employees. 

If this sounds like you, and you are ready to make a full-time commitment and have a minimum of $40k in liquid capital then we want to hear from you.
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