Recording: Moxey's Crypto Strategy

Mar 23, 2022 by Aimee Supp

Thank you for your support during yesterday’s presentation.
We were thrilled with the overwhelming attendance during our Investor Update. THANK YOU for keeping Charlie on his game with all the thoughtful questions that you provided as well!

  • Anyone who invests before this current round closes will be given tokens based upon the number of shares that they own.
  • Web3 and Cryptocurrencies represent a massive opportunity for Moxey to scale. An opportunity to allow other Web3 projects to use the Moxey Dollar as their internal currency and an opportunity to help more business owners thrive.
  • Stablecoins makeup nearly 200B in market cap. Moxey is planning to launch a completely new type of stablecoin. A Dynamic Stablecoin backed by dynamic reserves.
  • Moxey is a radically new stablecoin pegged to the US dollar and backed by the goods and services of the local business owners participating in the network.
  • Moxey’s planned stablecoin will be open to other Web3 projects.
  • High transaction fees can be avoided with Moxey’s Layer 2 blockchain solution.
  • An integrated governance token will be distributed to all Moxey shareholders. Unlike many tokens, this one earns revenue from the network. Beginning with commissions, and as Moxey expands, the types of earnings could expand as well.
  • This new technology allows us to scale Moxey to a new level.
  • Today we’re a powerful tool for small business owners. But we want Moxey to be the currency of choice for other Web3 projects.
  • One of the core challenges for Web3 is balancing transparency with privacy. Our new system achieves the sweet spot of both. All the unique transactions are maintained in a Layer 2 environment and then rolled up to the core blockchain.

Please feel free to share this recording using THIS LINK with anyone who may benefit from what we are up to. Specifically:
  • People who are looking for real world applications of Web3/Crypto
  • Investors interested in the Web3 - token spaces
  • Entrepreneurs looking to build a Moxey community in their area
  • Anyone who is designing a Web3 project that is looking for a currency to use 
  • Current barter organizations looking for new software or to build their own software

We would LOVE to hear from you about any questions that you have about how we envision our crypto strategy in the ASK A QUESTION section of our Wefunder page.


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