3 DAYS LEFT: Invest with your Moxey Dollars

Jan 4, 2022 by Aimee Supp

3 DAYS LEFT: Invest with your Moxey Dollars
We have some incredible numbers to announce for this investment round.
So far, Moxey members have invested $225,080 worth of shares in the entire Moxey network of trade exchanges and there are only 3 days left to invest with your Moxey dollars.
5K Moxey Dollar OFFER ENDS: Friday, January 7th.
DETAILS: For any investment over $5,000 - you are able to use your Moxey dollars for any portion. You will receive stock in Moxey for your investment.
SECURE YOUR INVESTMENT: Call Warren Sager 225-268-7215
If you are interested in investing less than $5,000, you can purchase any dollar amount until April 30th, fill out this form.
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